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O2 Vapor Tanks

Introducing O2 – Smoke NV’s latest e-vaporizer which provides the ultimate experience for the most discerning vaping enthusiasts. O2 provides a rich and satisfying volume of vapor when exhaling and can be controlled by the touch of a button. Simply fill the tank with O2 E-liquid™ flavors for continuous enjoyment.

The O2 Vapor Tank System consists of your main O2 Tank Device, replaceable O2 coils and O2 E-Liquid. Simply fill the O2 Tank with the flavor of your choice to enjoy the rich flavors by simply pressing the activation button. For optimal enjoyment, replace the O2 Coil when needed. The O2 Vapor Tank System by Smoke NV provides you everything you need for the latest in E-Vaporizer technology. Get started today!

O2 Vapor Tank Starter Combo

Everything you need to start vaping with the latest technology is right here. From your O2 Vapor Tank Kit to O2 Replacement Coils to quality O2 E-Liquid. Get started today!

Smoke NV E-Liquid

There are many E-Liquid flavors to choose from to enjoy your O2 Vapor Tank experience! Each bottle has 15ml of quality ingredients you've come to know from Smoke NV!

O2 Vapor Tank Replacement Coils

Keep your O2 Vapor Tank System running smoothly with Smoke NV's official O2 Vapor Tank Replacement Coils. Each pack includes 3 coils for long lasting enjoyment.