O2 Vapor Tank System

Smoke NV’s latest e-vaporizer which provides the ultimate experience for the most discerning vaping enthusiasts. O2 provides a rich and satisfying volume of vapor when exhaling and can be controlled by the touch of a button.


Smoke NV Rechargeable Kits

If you have decided Smoke NV is right for you, we recommend our line of long-term products. These devices are rechargeable, making these options the most environmentally friendly, and most cost-effective.


Smoke NV Cartridges

Smoke NV Cartridges are designed to work with our Smoke NV Rechargeable Kits. These are sold in packs of 5 cartridges, where each cartridge is equivalent to approximately 25 traditional cigarettes.


Smoke NV Disposables

The Smoke NV Disposable comes as a one-piece, ready-to-use, electronic vaporizer. The Disposable requires no cartridges, or refills. Just inhale, and enjoy and when no more vapor is produced, simply dispose of the unit

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